NV Sparkling Meslier Brut Rosé



Picked at around 10.5 baumé when fruit develops some lifted florals and flavours of ‘green apple’ whilst retaining high acidity.  At this level the unique Meslier varietal characters are obvious.

Base wines are very pale in colour with lifted apple fruit and crisp, racy acidity.  Vintage wines are allowed to mature on yeast lees for 24-36 months before final blending with 40-50% of a younger vintage. A small amount of current vintage Cabernet Sauvignon is added to create the attractive pale rose colour.

Our Meslier Brut Rosé is the only single varietal Meslier Rosé produced in the world that we are aware of at this point in time.

VARIETAL: Meslier + Cabernet Sauvignon
REGION: Adelaide Hills


A fresh and vibrant sparkling wine that is unique to Levrier. Meslier is one of the rarest of grape varieties grown, with only a few acres known to exist worldwide. Grown in the cooler climate of the Adelaide Hills, we have the only producing Meslier vineyard that we know of outside the Champagne district in France making our Meslier Brut Rosé one of the rarest sparkling wines in the world.


Adelaide Hills Wine Show – Silver Medal
Halliday – Highly Recommended
Australian Alternative Wine Show - Bronze Medal
Australian Sparkling Wine Show - Bronze Medal
ANZ Boutique Wine Show - Bronze Medal
Huon Hooke – 86 points - Bronze Medal


Arguably the world’s rarest sparkling wine due to such tiny amounts of the Meslier grape variety planted and the fact that Joanne is talented enough to turn this Champagne grape variety into an elegant Australian sparkling wine of soft citrus and green apple finesse, which she created to specifically enjoy with seafood. Splash some on your fresh oysters next time you’re feeling cheeky! - Fabulous Ladies Wine Society.